Managing hotel accounting

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This manual includes:

1. What can be adjusted in the Accounting module?
2. Issuing documents in the reservation window
3. Accounting module

1. What can be adjusted in the Accounting module?

Advanced accounting settings are located in Tools –> Configuration –> Invoices.


– change the document name (displayed as a title)
– print “Original / Copy” in the fiscal documents,
– automatically issue a cash receipt and cash disbursement for invoices and receipts
– cash register status confirmation when logging a new use.

Attention! Cash register status confirmation when logging a new user –> when enabled, whenever your receptionist logs in, he will be asked to submit the amount of money in the cash register. Now he can begin his work.

Once the work is done and the user logs out, a shift report will be generated. It can also be accessed in the Statistics module –> Shift reports.

Shift reports allow you determine if your receptionists carry the same money when changing their shifts – it is the perfect solution to control your staff

– automatically issue a receipt when you save an invoice
– select default prefixes for your invoices and bills
– default names displayed in the invoices for the accommodations, meals and advances,
– default product code
– note displayed in case of the partial payments

Attention! Note displayed in case of the partial payments –> This note will be displayed in these documents, where KWHotel is unable to divide the number of days because only a partial payment was made. You can type the “Local tax” here for example.


– display logo of your hotel in the invoices (you will see a path and what file must be inserted there),
– insert additional payment methods
– add a place where your documents are issued if that location is different than your company`s location
– do not type any payment method ON / OFF
– documents` prefixes and whether you want to print them ON / OFF
– default notes in the documents` comments section 


– force KWHotel to issue a fiscal document every time you make a payment
– force KWHotel to issue cash documents after every payment
– disable receipts
– do not allow your users to create invoices in the reservation screen

2. Issuing documents in the reservation window

In the “Documents” tab you can issue invoices, proforma invoices, bills, receipts and cash documents.

Attention! We highly recommend issuing all documents directly in the reservations they belong to.

If you want to issue an advance document, it must be done instantly after typing the advance /payment. KWHotel remembers only the last typed amount and it “forgets” it right after you close the reservation. That is why you need to issue a document as soon as you type the payment.

Documents issued in the Accounting module will not be connected with any reservations.

“F” letter next to the document means that it was fiscalized by the fiscal printer

Issuing advance invoice and then final invoice in the reservation screen, step by step:

  1. When your customer pays only partially for his stay, KWHotel considers it as an advance payment. For your reports and statistics to be accurate, we recommend you to issue an advance invoice. But first type the customer`s payment into the “Advance” field.
  2. Now click the “Documents” tab.

  1. Choose “Invoice” and select “Advance invoice” from the list

  1. A new window will open. First check if the dates of sale and dates of issue are correct.

Attention! KWHotel will automatically enumerate your invoices – if you wish to change the numeration, you can do so by selecting the “AUTO” sign in the upper left corner and typing your number there. You can also use the blank field next to it for additional prefix.

  1. Check the customer data 

Attention! If you wish to modify data for the customer that has already been invoiced more than once, do not use the “Edit customer” option – it will replace this customer in all previously issued invoices. In such case, use the “Change customer” instead.

  1. The advance payment will already be inserted in the products tab.

Attention! You can also create such “Advance” payment manually – select the price field and click “Change to negative value” option. It`s a “Stop” sign just below the products` table.

  1. Modify a due date if necessary
  2. Choose a payment type. You can select up to two types of payment.
  3. Type any comments if you wish. The “Print comments” button will cause these comments to appear on the invoice. Otherwise they are only to your information.
  4. If all adjustments have been made, you can Save your advance invoice now.

  1. A new window will be displayed. Here you can print your invoice, save it to .PDF or mail it to the customer.

Having issued the advance, we are waiting for customer`s final payment.
When it happens:

  1. Click “Full payment” in the reservation screen
  2. Select “Documents”.
  3. Click Invoice and choose “Final invoice” from the list
  4. The advance and final payment will be automatically populated for you.
  5. Now fill in the rest of the data and save your invoice

3. Accounting module

The Accounting module lets you issue documents that are not related to any reservation as well as review documents and their printouts 

The contents of the Accounting module are as follows:

  1. Filters: advanced filters allow you to limit the amount of displayed documents according to date, status (not paid, advance invoice) or customer.
  2. Printouts: To print a document, it is not necessary to open it. Just select it on the list and click the blue printer icon.
  3. Export to accounting programs: To export documents to accounting programs, click the “Export” button.
  4. Accounting documents available in the program: – invoice and invoice correction

Attention! It is highly recommended to issue the invoices directly from the reservation window. Invoices issued in the Accounting module will not be connected to any reservations whatsoever.

– pro forma invoice

Attention! The number of the pro forma invoice is highlighted in a different color, depending on its` status:

purple: pro forma is not paid, payment is due tomorrow
green: pro forma paid
blue: pro forma cancelled
red: pro forma payment is due

– correction notes: used to modify the company data printed on the invoice.
– fiscal documents – receipts
– cash / banks documents

Attention! To automate the process of issuing these documents, go to Tools –> Configuration –> Invoice s and enable these two options:
– Automatically generate a cash receipt and disbursement after issuing a receipt
– Automatically generate a cash receipt and disbursement after issuing an invoice

  1. Goods and services -it is possible to create your own goods and services in KWHotel.
    – Assortment groups: here you can organize your assortment into groups such as beverages, meals etc.
    – Assortment: products created here will be available in the documents. By assortment you can also mean i.e. “Accommodation”.

Attention! If you want to add a predefined assortment t o your document just type the first three letters of the assortment name. KWHotel will bring out the list that meets this criteria.

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If you wish to edit your document’s template you can do so with the built-in FastReport. The manual on the necessary steps can be found here.

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