Hotel booking process improved – case study of Hotel Ruza, Croatia

11.12.2019 Anna Piątek, KWHotel Customer Advisor
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Hotel booking process performed on a sheet of paper? Not anymore in case of Hotel Ruza located in the city of Novi Vinodolski in Croatia, just 40 km away from Rijeka. 23 rooms hotel is an ideal place for a family or friend vacations. Zoran, the hotel owner, has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

„Since the beginning of cooperation with KWHotel, the speed of our work has increased significantly. Previously, we scheduled reservations only on a sheet of paper. Now the hotel booking process is better organized and much faster after the implementation of KWHotel. Also, I am very grateful for the helpful support team” – Zoran, the owner of the Ruza hotel

Hotel booking process in the hands of technology

In 2017 when we started working with Zoran and his company, they were looking for a simple solution in order to bring technology to their business. Until then, a sheet of paper served as a way to schedule new reservations.

To simplify the management of online booking portals, we introduced the KWHotel channel manager. Online travel agencies are the most important sales channels for Hotel Ruza.  The property uses, among others,, Expedia and However, definitely takes the lead here since almost 90% of reservations come from there.

„I am not a big fan of cloud software and I was looking for an offline desktop solution because without the internet you can’t do anything. The important element was also a possibility to quickly move reservations between rooms and do everything using only a simple calendar view.”

Proposed solution

For the time being, Hotel Ruza uses the following solutions:

  • KWHotel Standard, because it allows optimizing the hotel booking processes even without the Internet connection.
  • KWHotel Channel manager in order to manage all reservations from OTA portals.

„The software is very intuitive and not difficult to install and use. I value the most how easy the adding of the reservation is and how I can keep everything organized without  overbooking any rooms.”

Cooperation for years

It makes us proud to hear that such a traditional hotel as Hotel Ruza considers our software to be a solution which significantly simplifies and speeds up their hotel booking process. We always try to make our solutions fit the needs of each client individually. Our cooperation with Hotel Ruza lasts for 2 years now and we are excited to implement new technologies in everyday life of this long-established place in Croatia.

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