All-in-one solution to manage multiple OTAs.

  1. Increase your online visibility
  2. Synchronize multiple OTAs directly from KWHotel
  3. Distribute rates and allotment with one click
  4. Download reservations from all OTAs
  5. Avoid errors and overbookings

Do you like all-in-one solutions? With our hotel channel manager,  your OTAs are always updated with the most recent availability and rates. Why waste your time manually adjusting each portal? Instead, all actions are performed directly in KWHotel. Now it takes only a few clicks to modify your pricing or close availability across all OTAs.

To facilitate the process, our Team assists you in setting up the synchronization. We help avoid any disorientation and ensure you can focus entirely on taking care of your hotel.


Automated 2-way synchronization

Hotel channel manager automatically uploads rates and allotment to your OTAs.  New bookings are systematically downloaded to KWHotel, including your guest data and reservation comments.

Immediate data updates

Just one mouse click is enough to sync new prices and restrictions to OTAs. Data is transferred in a matter of minutes!

Setup assistance

Receive full support in establishing the connection between KWHotel and our channel manager. The technician will verify your settings and answer any doubts.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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