Automate the rental management of flats and apartments

  1. Manage all fees and deposits in one place.
  2. Automate the issuing and sending of invoices to tenants.
  3. Stop losing money, thanks to late payment reports.
  4. Create flexible rate plans dedicated to long-term rental.

If you manage long-term rentals and feel overwhelmed by the number of duties that require your supervision, you have come to the right place.

Our long-term rental module significantly speeds up the processing of each reservation. Not only you see all billings and fees on one screen, but our system can also automatically generate and send invoices to tenants. You then confirm each invoice with a cash receipt when you receive the transfer.

Our solution also provides an extensive report, thanks to which you can instantly check whether all tenants have settled their current and overdue payments.

What makes our solution unique?

Speed up creating and processing reservations by up to 50%

It takes just one session to configure fees and mailbox. Now KWHotel can generate and send invoices to your tenants. All payments (or lack of them) are marked with colours – one glance, and you know everything.

Gain access to complete reservation history

With our solution, you won’t miss any action performed by your colleagues. The full history of changes is available for every booking.

Manage rentals from multiple workstations (KWHotel Pro required)

If you activate our solution in KWHotel Pro, you can easily manage both short and long-term rentals from as many workstations as you want. This ensures non-stop communication between your team and reduces the number of costly mistakes.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!



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