Handle credit card payments directly from your software

  1. Generate links for non-cash payments and send them to Clients
  2. Receive instant notifications about incoming payments
  3. Enable credit card payments in KWHotel Booking Engine

Time for innovation in reservation payments! With Espago synchronization, your guests can pay with their credit card, even though you have no payment terminal installed in your property.

Just generate a payment link in KWHotel and send it to the client – our system monitors the status of all payments and sends immediate updates.

Provide guests with a convenient and secure payment method

Thanks to synchronization with credit card payments provider Espago company, payment links are generated directly in KWHotel. The customer can pay by credit card and his payment information will be immediately transferred to the program.

Espago meets all PCI DSS standards, ensuring the highest level of data security for the person making the payment.

Save yourself trouble, related to credit card data protection

Transactions done through Espago are not processed in KWHotel. The process is taken over by secure, encrypted website of the partner.

Thanks to this solution you won`t have to deal with the credit card details of your guests – it significantly reduces the risk of customer’s data leakage.

Use Espago service as a payment gateway

If you are using KWHotel Booking Engine, you can connect Espago as an additional payment gateway.

Your guests will be able to pay for reservation directly on your hotel`s website.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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