Safe guest service during the pandemic

  1. Automate the check-in process of your guests (24/7)
  2. Ensure guests can safely pick up their room access card
  3. Provide convenient cashless payment options
  4. Check-in group reservations with ease
  5. Break the communication barriers and serve your guests in over 40 languages

Pandemic forced hoteliers to completely change their approach to guest service. Sezam24 self-check-in kiosk helps you transition into the new reality.

A kiosk or tablet will allow your guests to safely check-in, pay for their stay if necessary and collect a room card. Even in the middle of the night.

ATTENTION! Currently it is only possible to purchase synchronization of the KWHotel program with Sezam24 devices. The kiosk itself must be purchased independently from us.

Safe, 24/7 automated reception desk

Hotel check-in kiosk or tablet allows your guests to check-in anytime they want – even if your receptionists are working daily shifts only.

Lower the cost of maintaining reception desk

Automated reception desk reduces your operating expenses. You don’t have to maintain a night shift or hire additional staff members to cover the large groups of tourists.

Increase the quality of guest service

No mistakes when collecting payments, automated check-in, generating room cards – these and many more functions of hotel check-in kiosk will provide your guests with maximum comfort during their stay.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of devices can I purchase for my property?

    The Sezam24 company offers kiosks and tablets for the guest self-check-in.

    What types of locks does the device support?

    1. Integration with a kiosk supports RFID radial wave locks,
    2. Integration with a tablet supports RFID radial wave locks and magnetic locks that support the FIAS standard.
    So if you have magnetic locks, just check if they support the FIAS standard – they don’t even have to be connected to the KWHotel Pro software,

    Which lock models support kiosks and tablets?

    1. Kiosk supports the following RFID radial wave locks: Salto, Onity, Assa Abloy, Omnitec, Orbita, SmartKey, Betech, Kaba, FoxLock, CISA
    2. Tablet supports the following RFID radial wave locks and magnetic locks (if your model supports the FIAS standard):
    Salto, Onity, Assa Abloy, Omnitec, Orbit, SmartKey, Betech, Kaba, FoxLock, CISA.

    What are the differences between a kiosk and a tablet?

    Both devices share the same User Interface and allow guest to safely check-in by himself.
    However, there are also some differences:

    Kiosk is an independent device that you can place anywhere in the reception.
    It has a built-in device for encoding room cards. The guest doesn’t have to manually program the card,
    He just presses the appropriate button and collects the pre-programmed card.

    A tablet is a smaller device that you can place on the front desk.
    You connect it to the hotel lock encoder installed on the computer.
    The guest can manually program the card by pressing the card to the reader.

  • Can we use Sezam24 as a night reception?

    Yes, a kiosk or tablet can act as a night receptionist or replace staff on maternity, temporary or sick leave.

  • How is a kiosk or tablet synchronized with my hotel software and door locks?

    Synchronization will be performed remotely by the Sezam24’s technician.

  • Who will install a kiosk or tablet in my front desk?

    The device installation is really simple. It takes around 10 minutes.
    Just plug in a power cable and Ethernet cable and you are ready to accommodate your guests.
    Sezam24 technician  will have remote access to the device to configure it with your KWHotel PMS and door locks.

  • How does a fiscalization process look like?

    Sezam24 kiosk uploads all reservations, payments and guest data to a hotel PMS software.
    Your staff can issue an invoice or receipt the same way and send it via email after check-out or print it and leave in the room if needed.

  • Does the scanner recognize all passports?

    Yes, Sezam24 kiosk recognizes all machine-readable identity documents.

    For handwritten documents guest can choose type method to enter all the data manually.

  • What if I have no locks installed?

    In such case you have two options:

    Option 1 – kiosk can print the ticket and guest will collect a key from the security, barman or from the box.
    Option 2  – you may install one of the locks from the list of supported locks (the list is in the previous question).

  • Can I cut expenses with the Sezam24 kiosk?

    The prices start from 141 EUR monthly. Is it much? According to research the average salary for front desk in Europe is 1800 EUR monthly. For less than 10% of this amount you gain a receptionist who takes care of the night shifts and assists your team during the most intense seasons

  • How to connect a payment terminal to the kiosk?

    You can purchase a MyPOS payment terminal for your Sezam24 device.
    To use it, just create an account in the iCard service (it’s the MyPOS brand).

    MyPOS provides a free IBAN number, very low transaction fees (negotiated before opening the account) and free cards assigned to Sezam24 users. The iCard account can be used exactly like a regular bank account.

    Alternatively, if you are unhappy with the ultimate MyPOS proposal, you may use Sezam24 payment API to connect it with your lovely payment terminal device or write Sezam24 an inquiry to develop an extra integration.

  • How kiosk can increase the safety of my business?

    With Sezam24 you have everything under control. In KWHotel you see the status of checked-in guest and payments he made. Welcoming of guests in your hotel doesn’t depend on human resources anymore. If some worker didn’t arrive at work, you are having non-stop check-ins anyway.

  • Do I need a kiosk if I have a 24h reception?

    There is no reason to exclude the front desk from a hotel. You may combine Sezam24 and a person at front desk.

    Moreover, if your hotel is 4 or 5 star it will be nice to combine automation and human communication.

    Your guests will be pleased with fast and easy check-in and high level of personal contact.

  • I cannot imagine my hotel without any human touch!

    Personal contact is the foundation and philosophy of the hospitality industry, and we absolutely agree and support it.

    At the same time we are aware it is really important for your guests to make a check-in quickly.
    After that you can let the guest ask about your hotel or offer him some interesting amenities, SPA, etc.

    In addition, you can take advantage of our online application to know your guest better before arrival and be prepared to provide him with the best possible service.

  • Why there is no outdoor kiosk model?

    Our philosophy is to provide the best check-in experience for your guests.
    Sadly, welcoming guest outside the lobby is an extremely unpleasant behavior.

    That’s why we have only indoor modes with friendly user interface and easy process.

    Sezam24 will automatically send the main entrance’s pin code to your guest 24 hours before arrival.

    This ensures he can easily enter your property no matter the time.

  • Does Sezam24 support walk-ins?

    No, walk-ins are not supported.
    We developed a universal and cheap model of kiosks. Making walk-in bookings possible would greatly increase the price.

    If there are lots of walk-ins in your hotel, you can place near Sezam24 a tablet with your hotel website or booking engine to let your guest make a new booking.

    But according to our experience, the majority of travellers is making bookings in advance at their own device. It is much convenient for them.

  • What if I have my main door opened 24/7?

    You may install a PIN code door lock with a possibility to open door with a room card. Sezam24 can automatically send a PIN code to new arrivals.

  • Will Sezam24 work in the situation in which some doors are ready for the installation of electronic locks, and the rest I would like to replace only with door handles?

    Yes, when it comes to electronic locks, these must be one of the locks supported by Sezam24. You can find their list in one of the previous questions.

    However, in the case of ordinary door handles, the guest can check-in at the kiosk and pick up the key at the reception or, for example, take it from the box by the device.

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