Gain additional source of income for your hotel during the pandemic

  1. Allow your guests to quickly order and hotel services through a convenient online ordering system.
  2. Gain additional source of income – establish cooperation with local restaurants and earn commission for having their meals sold to your guests.
  3. Let your guests easily redeem their tickets for services using a modern app with QR codes.
  4. Easily manage orders and commissions thanks to a modern web panel.
  5. Create one ordering channel for meals from your hotel restaurant, reducing the reception load and the number of kitchen mistakes.
  6. Promote your website among guests – this is where you can place the meal ordering system.

Room service, although well perceived by guests, often generates additional communication chaos in the hotel. Look, guests can order meals and services in different ways – by talking to your receptionists, by sending e-mails or by calling the reception desk. Multiple order paths often lead to orders not being fulfilled on time or ending up in the wrong room. A dissatisfied visitor can make an angry rant to your employees or, worse, post a negative opinion on the Internet.

Our solution is a special online ordering system for meals and hotel services called KWHotel Menu. Your guest simply opens your website, chooses the meals or services he is interested in and pays for the order. Each order appears in a web panel. As a result, your staff can easily control new and issued orders. And the reception? Let them focus on building relationships with guests.

What’s more, you can also establish commission-based cooperation with restaurants or service providers in the area – the guest will be able to choose the service provider and you get a commission on each sale. Think of it as an additional, automated source of income for your hotel!

IMPORTANT: KWHotel Menu doesn’t require KWHotel software to work.

Create one ordering channel for all meals

Thanks to KWHotel Menu, all orders go to one place, which drastically reduces the risk of a mistake. What’s more, guests don’t have to storm your restaurant to buy something. They don’t distract your staff. It is fast, convenient and safe process.

Gain an additional source of income for your hotel

Even if you don’t have a hotel restaurant, KWHotel Menu can earn you money – all you need to do is establish cooperation with local restaurants. Each partner restaurant will be linked with a separate commission to your KWHotel Menu account, and guests will be able to order meals from them.

Offer your guests special hotel packages

Hotel room service during Valentine’s Day or Weekend for Two? You got it! In KWHotel Menu you can create special coupons, allowing guest to order selected dishes from your restaurant for free.

Let your guests purchase and redeem tickets for hotel services

Does your hotel sell museum tours, aqua park trips or other hotel services? KWHotel Menu will allow your guests to conveniently purchase a ticket online and redeem it in a modern mobile application, using a QR code.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!



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