Improve communication between points of sale in your facility.

  1. Manage all stations using one POS software
  2. Stay mobile by carrying POSbistro on your Android device
  3. Assign charges to your guest with just one click
  4. Perform the whole billing in KWHotel

Does your accommodation facility include sections such as bar or restaurant? Then you are probably aware how difficult it may be for them to cooperate.

With POSbistro POS system and KWHotel working together you may charge your guest in a restaurant and immediately transfer this information to a reception desk for billing upon check-out.

Let your hotel sections work together

All points of sale can communicate with each other using POSbistro. No more need to manually exchange data via email or paper.

Provide a convenient payment form to your guest

Your guest may add amenities to his billing and pay during a check-out.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the POSbistro synchronization price include?

    The one-time payment applies only to the current version of synchronization module and includes a one-year update care. In case partner modifies his software or API, synchronization may no longer work correctly and update on our side will be required. The update price is equal to the one-time payment. The KajWare company reserves the right to implement an update within 30 working days.

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