Hotel CleanApp - modern housekeeping solution

  1. Efficiently manage the hotel housekeeping process of rooms and apartments
  2. Easily schedule cleaning for your staff
  3. Provide the cleaning crew with access to current tasks
  4. Keep your rooms always clean on time

Clean and well-maintained rooms are one of the main factors contributing to the guests’ satisfaction with their stay. The larger the property, the more difficult it is to manage the hotel housekeeping process. Hotel Clean App is the solution that will help you to manage this process and gain the highest scores for cleanliness!

As an administrator, you can mark rooms and apartments that require staff’s attention. The cleaning person receives this information through the mobile application. There he also signals the start and finish of work in a given room.

Manage hotel housekeeping using a practical panel

The administrator panel allows you to set up accounts for cleaning staff, as well as to plan cleaning and add comments on rooms. All scheduled, ongoing and completed cleanings are displayed in the form of colored statuses.

Provide housekeeping staff with a tool to plan their work

The mobile application was created with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. A housekeeping person can instantly see which apartment requires cleaning. It takes just one click to highlight the beginning and finish of the process.

Automatically synchronize data with KWHotel Desktop

Although the Hotel Clean App can be used as a standalone application, it is also possible to synchronize it with KWHotel Desktop. In this case, the housekeeping statuses are dynamically updated in the desktop application.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!



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