Crucial KWHotel features in your pocket

  1. Gain mobile access to KWHotel reservation calendar
  2. Be in touch with your guests. React instantly if a need occurs.

KWHotel Mobile was designed for active hoteliers who are often operating outside of their facility. Instead of calling a reception or waiting for reports, you can log in to your application and view the reservation calendar.

KWHotel Mobile also allows you to send an email or call the guest to inquire about the details of his reservation.

Keep constant track of your reservations

Mobile application gives you quick access to reservations. Every information you insert in KWHotel Mobile, is reflected in the Desktop version in real time.

Convenient access for all users

User accounts, created in the Desktop version, can be used to log in to the mobile application.

Be in touch with your guests

KWHotel Pro Mobile includes possibility to call your guest or send him an email, making it easier to clarfiy any matters.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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