Manage the rental of apartments and the commission system of apartment owners

  1. Provide owners with easy access to occupancy of their apartments
  2. Manage commissions and privileges of apartment owners
  3. Supervise all apartments from a single software
  4. Confirm revenue share with owners

KWHotel Pro software can be expanded with a rental management software plugin for apartment owners and administrators of multiple apartments. You may assign apartments to specific owners, set the value of their commissions, send them email and SMS messages.

Each apartment owner may view an occupancy of his apartment and the commission he earned in a given month.

Manage availability of apartments

Available via web browser, the admin panel allows managing occupancy of apartments. Specify what data will be presented to the owners, as well as allocate additional fees and commissions for breakfast. No longer spend countless hours preparing an Excel spreadsheet with all fees and commissions listed. With our rental management software for apartments, it takes just one sitting to deploy your configuration for all apartment owners.

Share online access with apartment owners

Every employee, co-worker or apartment owner can log in to the panel using a web browser. The panel allows you to make individual reservations. You may also view the finances of apartments shared with the manager. You don’t have to manually create reports for owners – just send them access to the web panel!

Centralize your apartment management

With the rental management software, you no longer have to access each apartment one by one to verify availability. All apartments are listed on a single calendar, including their housekeeping and reservation status. Our application saves you from tiresome browsing through each flat’s condition.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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