Effective management of a campsite

  1. Manage the campsite, using a .JPG scheme of your camping
  2. Create a variety of reservations, including trailer storing for winter
  3. Store a database of different services, trailer types and other information
  4. Combine the Camping module with KWHotel Desktop for a great flexibility

With the Camping module, you can work on a graphical representation of your campsite. This allows to place reservations directly on the image, making it much easier to navigate and manage.

Work on a scheme of your campsite

By loading a .JPG scheme of your campsite, reservation management becomes much easier. A quick look at the calendar is sufficient to check your occupancy and place the reservation in the most optimal spot.

Use database to greatly speed up the process of adding reservations

The Camping module allows to create a custom list of trailers, cars, reservation statuses or contracts with clients. This data can be instantly loaded in the reservation window, reducing the time needed to enter all information.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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