Dashboard module

Dashboard module was designed to make your front desk work with maximum efficiency. Within a single window we have included every piece of data useful for a receptionist, such as a list of arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows.

Available information (“Arrivals, departures and occupancy” section)


– Guest

– Arrival date

– Departure date

– Room

– Phone

– Number of people

– Remarks

Available functions (“Arrivals, departures and occupancy” section)


– Displaying arrivals, departures and occupancies for the given day or for the selected number of upcoming days

– Displaying “no-show” reservations

– Filtering arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows

– Quick access to selected reservation

– Printing a list of arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows

– Selecting data to be printed on the report

– Restoring default settings

– Possibility to search for specific data by inserting a phrase in the column of your choice

– Customizing report`s width

Available information (“Quick booking” section)


– Date of stay

– Available rooms

– Room type

– Percentage based occupancy

– Number of vacant rooms of the given type

– Number of people that can be booked in the given room type

– Rate plan

– Number of booked rooms of the given type

– Price for reservation for the given room type

Available functions (“Quick booking” section)


– Selecting a date when we wish to create a reservation for

– Selecting a number of people to be included in the reservation

– Selecting a default rate plan

– Manual modification of price proposed by KWHotel

– Creating a reservation for selected rooms

– Erasing inserted data

Available data (“Statistics” section)


– Room type occupancy

– Most occupied room type

– Least occupied room type

– Total hotel occupancy

– Maximum hotel occupancy during last month, current month and next month

– Minimum hotel occupancy during last month, current month and next month

– Daily statistics (free rooms, arrivals, occupancies, departures, no-shows)

Available functions (“Statistics” section)


– Possibility to hide or display the statistics bar

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