Efficient rental of single beds

  1. Create a bed layout in a simple way
  2. Rent single beds or entire rooms
  3. Generate dedicated reports for hostels
  4. Use all features of the KWHotel desktop version

KWHotel is not just software for hotels. Its flexibility also allows the effective management of a hostel. It makes no difference whether you rent beds only or provide a mixed rental – our hostel management software is ready for it.

Plan your stays on an easily readable booking schedule

Our calendar is all about a quick access to your reservations. Colorful statuses allow to immediately determine the status of a given stay.

Instantly enter your guests' reservations

It takes only 30 seconds to save your booking on a calendar. You can return to it at any time and enter additional information.

Manage customers in a simple and secure way

Your clients` data is stored in one convenient place. Starting from personal dossier, through the booking history and ending with issued invoices.

Use your room base for a better customer service

The process of creating a room base in KWHotel does not require a large time investment. Proper configuration can significantly improve your service.

Let the Logbook happen automatically

Logbook is one of the basic tools in hotelier’s work. With KWHotel, you do not have to complete it yourself – each reservation is recorded automatically.

Settle your guests however you want

Our hostel management software supports all major accounting documents and payment methods. Documents can be issued in many currencies and with different numbers.

Shape your own pricing policy

A well-designed price offer is one of the most important factors in acquiring a client. With KWHotel, you can prepare even the most advanced pricing policy.

Improve the information flow with a hostel kitchen

Serving meals to your guests?  KWHotel will allow you to generate a special report for the hostel kitchen. Your employees will know exactly how many ingredients to prepare and when to provide meals.

Plan your next moves with detailed statistics

Knowing the condition of your business is the key to success. Reports generated in our program allow you to precisely indicate points that require attention.

Grant your employees a safe access to data

The security of your data is essential. With the Users module you may assign specific permissions to each employee individually.

Never forget about important events in your hotel

We have developed a reminders module, so that your receptionists will never miss awakening the guest or staff meeting.

Always be up to date

Our hostel management software has been constantly developed since 2008. Functionality updates are available for free.

Focus on what is truly important

With KWHotel, you no longer have to spend time preparing reports or sending correspondence to guests. Let the program do it automatically for you.

Enhance your software only with functions you need

The modular construction of KWHotel means that you only buy those functions that will actually support your business.

Use a rich knowledge base, to take full advantage of KWHotel

Our Team constantly creates new instructions and audiovisual content. Thanks to this, program configuration goes smoothly, and you may focus entirely on your business.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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