Housekeeping app’s WEB PANEL – functionality overview

– room overview
– displaying and modifying information regarding arrivals / departures / stays
– displaying and modifying number of people in the given room
– displaying and modifying notes for the given room
– displaying and modifying room housekeeping status
– checking the room housekeeping process in real time
– adding new accounts for the housekeeping staff

Housekeeping list:
– assigning, modifying and deleting list of rooms to be cleaned during the given period by the given user

Housekeeping MOBILE APP – functionality overview

– information regarding arrivals / departures / guests in the rooms for the given day
– information regarding notes assigned to rooms

List of rooms:
– displaying all rooms (based on filters), including information regarding the housekeeping status / arrival / departure / number of people in the rooms

– starting / pausing the housekeeping process
– counting the housekeeping time


Possibility to synchronize with KWHotel Web. The following data can be exchanged:
– existing room groups
– existing rooms (including their housekeeping statuses)
– modifying the room housekeeping status
– adding housekeeping note
– downloading information regarding upcoming arrivals / departures / stays, including the number of people

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