Available tabs:
–          SPA Schedule (hour based)
–          Workers
–          Cabinets
–          Customers

Available functions (SPA schedule)
–          Browsing days
–          Creating SPA treatments
–          Modifying existing SPA treatments
–          Deleting SPA treatments
–          Adjusting calendar height
–          Printing schedule

Data applicable when booking a new treatment
–          Date, time and duration of the treatment
–          Customer name
–          Assigned cabinet
–          Assigned staff member
–          Assigned service
–          Recommended and selected service time
–          Recommended service price
–          Amount to pay and paid amount
–          Treatment comments
–          Issued document (invoice, bill, pro forma, receipt)

Available functions (Worker tab)
–          Typing worker`s name
–          Inserting worker`s address if applicable
–          Inserting worker`s phone and email if applicable
–          Adding worker-related comments if applicable
–          Setting a color status for the given worker
–          Deleting existing workers

Available functions (Cabinet tab)
–          Typing cabinet`s name
–          Adding cabinet-related comments
–          Setting a color status for the given cabinet
–          Deleting existing cabinets
–          Adding services associated with the given cabinet (includes service name, description, recommended service time and price)

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