Available functions
–          Setting privileges and roles for each apartment owner
–          Allowing apartment owner to create his own reservations (KWHotel Web module required, sold separately)
–          Viewing availability of apartments owned by the given user
–          Viewing details of reservations (KWHotel Web module required, sold separately)

Available configuration options
–          Choosing commission calculation method (out of 5 possible ones)
–          Selecting tax for reservations
–          Typing a regular fee amount if applicable (i.e. housekeeping fee)
–          Inserting a breakfast fee if applicable

Data available for sharing with apartment owners
–          Reservation dates
–          Duration of stay
–          Guest basic data
–          Number of adults
–          Number of people belonging to each of age groups
–          Reservation price
–          Tax
–          Source commission (percentage)
–          Source commission (amount)
–          Breakfast commission
–          Agent commission
–          Commission amount of an agent
–          Earnings per night
–          Earnings for a stay
–          Amount for an owner

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