Fast and reliable channel manager and OTA integration

  1. Automatically send prices and availabilities to OTAs
  2. Maintain rate parity between your portals
  3. Download reservations, including rates and guest data
  4. Increase your hotel`s online visibility
  5. Easily close and open terms and room groups
  6. Diversify your sales channels
  7. Minimize the risk of overbooking with many OTAs

Channel manager and OTA integrations are all about saving time. Imagine there is no need to log to your portals. Whatever action you perform, it becomes reflected in every OTA almost instantly. Incoming reservations require no attention on your side as they are handled automatically instead.

If you enjoy such vision, our synchronization module can make it your new reality!

We support YieldPlanet, SiteMinder and WuBook channel managers as well as direct sync with and Expedia OTAs.

Fast data exchange

KWHotel automatically sends availability and prices to channel manager, saving you from manual modifications in every OTA and minimizing the risk of overbookings.

Automated reservation input

With channel manager and OTA integrations, there is no need to insert each reservation manually. KWHotel asks channel manager for new reservations every few minutes and loads them on the calendar for you.

Higher chance of receiving reservations

Channel manager integration makes it easier to bring your offer to new OTAs. Potential customers will come across your property more often when browsing the Internet. And this is the first major step to get new bookings…

Easy setup

Our Team will assist you in the process of enabling the channel manager and OTA integration. We offer video manuals and pdf instructions to get you started.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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