Access your hotel via web browser

  1. Easily access your hotel reservation calendar through a web browser
  2. Automatically synchronize with KWHotel Pro desktop
  3. No installation is required
  4. Available on any device with a web browser

Working as a hotelier often requires 24/7 attention. Your guest may call anytime, and you must be prepared for it. KWHotel Web is the tool to assure that.

No matter where you are, the hotel reservation calendar is at your disposal. Checking for vacancies and creating new reservations is quick and simple.

Travel with your hotel reservation calendar

It doesn`t matter if you are in a shopping center or on a walk. KWHotel Web ensures immediate access to your reservations.

Remain in constant touch with your staff

You may edit a reservation with KWHotel Web and insert comments for your staff. Adding and deleting bookings is also possible.

Grant access for different users

Our hotel reservation calendar can be used by multiple users. Each of them may receive a different access level. You may even restrict which rooms or apartments can be managed by each staff member.

Use KWHotel Web on any device

As a web-based application, KWHotel Web can be effectively used on any device that features a web browser. This gives you much-needed flexibility in terms of accessing your reservation schedule.

If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!




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