Reservation calendar

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Reservation calendar – available information
– Room symbols
– Room type name
– Number of beds in the given room
– Room housekeeping status (None, Needs cleaning, Clean, Clean checked)
– Possibility to set housekeeping status for all rooms at once
– Daily calendar
– Weekend highlight
– Color status of each reservation
– Basic information highlight for each reservation
– Summary of vacant rooms and beds for the given day
– Possibility to highlight special events on the schedule
– Possibility to display daily rates on the schedule
– Possibility to display availability for the whole month
– Possibility to display additional reservation statuses
– Possibility to display reservation sources

Available functions (Reservation calendar)
– Adding individual reservation
– Adding group reservation
– Adding “Out of order” reservation
– Finding a room meeting specific criteria
– Finding a customer
– Finding a reservation by its internal ID or online ID
– Modifying price for the given day in the specific rate plan
– Printing the reservation schedule
– Grouping rooms by room types
– Changing the schedule`s width and height
– Changing the schedule`s day display
– Filtering room groups only
– Filtering specific rooms
– Dragging and moving reservations on the schedule
– Fast backtracking to the current day

Reservation creation – available information to be inserted
– Room type
– Room symbol
– Room inventory
– Room description
– Reservation dates
– Number of reservation days
– Customer basic data
– Reservation comments
– Reservation method of settlement
– Reservation price
– Reservation paid advances and amounts
– Reservation additional meals and services
– Reservation local tax
– Reservation discount
– Is reservation guaranteed by credit card?
– Reservation status
– Reservation source

– Reservation channel
– Reservation segment
– Online reservation number
– Rates per day

Reservation creation – available functions (Individual and Group reservations)
– Adding products to reservation
– Setting up reminder
– Inserting additional customer information
– Displaying the first line of remarks on the reservation schedule
– Issuing documents such as booking confirmations
– Opening Windows Calculator for quick calculation
– Deleting reservation (requires submitting a reason for it)
– Displaying reservation history
– Marking the day until when advance must be paid
– Creating additional reservation statuses
– Issuing fiscal documents such as invoices or receipts
– Assigning meals to reservations (including meal time, remarks and how many meals can be served at the given time)
– Assigning individual reservations to a group one
– Changing reservation currency
– Inserting reservation deposit
– Inserting additional documents to reservation such as customer`s ID or passport
– Creating additional reservation fields (Individual reservations only)
– Assigning hour-based services
– Assigning housekeeping duties to the given reservation
– Locking price (Group reservations only)
– Blocking any changes of payment values when rooms are added or removed (Group reservations only)
– Assigning / removing rooms from group reservation (Group reservations only)
– Possibility to transfer an individual reservation to another property, located in the same database

Dashboard – available information (“Arrivals, departures and occupancy” section)
– Guest
– Arrival date
– Departure date
– Room
– Phone
– Number of people
– Remarks

Dashboard – available functions (“Arrivals, departures and occupancy” section)
– Displaying arrivals, departures and occupancies for the given day or for the selected number of upcoming days
– Displaying “no-show” reservations
– Filtering arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows
– Quick access to selected reservation
– Printing a list of arrivals, departures, occupancies and no-shows
– Selecting data to be printed on the report
– Restoring default settings
– Possibility to search for specific data by inserting a phrase in the column of your choice
– Customizing report`s width

Dashboard – available information (“Quick booking” section)
– Date of stay
– Available rooms
– Room type
– Percentage based occupancy
– Number of vacant rooms of the given type
– Number of people that can be booked in the given room type
– Rate plan
– Number of booked rooms of the given type
– Price for reservation for the given room type

Dashboard – available functions (“Quick booking” section)
– Selecting a date when we wish to create a reservation for
– Selecting a number of people to be included in the reservation
– Selecting a default rate plan
– Manual modification of price proposed by KWHotel
– Creating a reservation for selected rooms
– Erasing inserted data

Dashboard – available data (“Statistics” section)
– Room type occupancy
– Most occupied room type
– Least occupied room type
– Total hotel occupancy
– Maximum hotel occupancy during last month, current month and next month
– Minimum hotel occupancy during last month, current month and next month
– Daily statistics (free rooms, arrivals, occupancies, departures, no-shows)

Dashboard – available functions (“Statistics” section)
– Possibility to hide or display the statistics bar

Customer base – available information
– Customer name
– Company
– Address
– Phone number
– Email
– Birth date
– ID / passport
– Nationality
– Additional customer status
– Tax ID
– Is this person a child?
– is this person a regular customer?
– Is this person blacklisted?
– Additional comments for this customer

Customer base – available search filters
– Finding customer by name
– Finding customer by address
– Sorting by last reservations
– Sort by last customers added to database
– Limiting number of customers displayed in the results

Customer base available functions
– Possibility to add new customers to the database
– Possibility to include customized customer statuses
– Possibility to include customized customer fields
– Possibility to view customer`s reservation history
– Possibility to assign customer a discount for the given period
– Possibility to upload customer`s photo
– Possibility to issue a document history of the given customer
– Possibility to export customer data to .CSV file
– Possibility to export customer data to file format supported by Google
– Possibility to import customer base from .CSV file

Customer base – GDPR related functions
– Toggle whether customer agrees to receive mailing
– Possibility to permanently delete customer data once his reservation is finished

Rooms – available information
– Room symbol
– Room description
– Room group associated with this room
– Number of beds

Rooms – available functions
– Create / modify / delete a room
– Grant room an apartment status
– Mark the room for refurbishment (exclude it from the schedule)
– Set the room housekeeping status
– Insert additional room descriptions
– Select which property the given room belongs to
– Assign a repair to the given room
– Select inventory for the given room
– Export rooms information to .CSV
– Display deleted rooms
– Possibility to set room sell priority

Rooms – available information (Room types and inventory)
– Room type name
– Room type description
– Number of rooms assigned to the given room group
– Room type`s price per room
– Room type`s price per person
– Number of beds
– Is this room type visible in the Statistics?

Rooms – available functions (Room types)
– Create / modify / delete a room type
– Set basic rates for the given room type
– Disable the given room type in the KWHotel Booking Engine
– Include the given room type in reports
– Select which property the given room type belongs to
– Insert additional room type descriptions
– Insert room type translation for the KWHotel Booking Engine
– Create / modify / delete a room inventory

Logbook – available search filters
– Logbook
– Total customers list
– Customers who arrived or will arrive on selected days
– Customers who left or will leave on selected days
– Reservations for the given day
– All reservations done on the selected day

Logbook – additional features
– Possibility to include custom reservation fields in the Logbook search results.
– Possibility to set a default report pattern
– Possibility to print reports
– Possibility to export data to .CSV (Excel)
– Possibility to create an individual reservation
– Possibility to create a group reservation
– Possibility to filter results by specific data type

Logbook – data available to be displayed in search results
– Group ID
– Res. ID
– Surname
– Email
– Is it company?
– Date from
– To
– Place of birth
– Date of birth
– ID number
– Tax ID
– Room ID
– Room symbol
– Address
– Color
– Additional status
– Customer remarks
– Additional customer status
– Comments
– Country
– Phone
– Price
– Advance
– Remaining payment
–  Reservation status
–  Number of people
– Age groups
– Document number
– Document gross value
– Document date of issue
– Document date of sale
– Customer gender
– Reservation segment
– Reservation channel
– Reservation source

Accounting – supported document types
– Invoice
– To be paid invoice
– Bill
– Corrective invoice
– Adjustment note
– Fiscal receipt
– Corrective fiscal receipts
– Cash accepted
– Cash released
– Bank accepted
– Bank released
– Local taxes

Accounting – available search filters
– Sorting by month and year
– Hiding advance invoices
– Displaying advance invoices only

Accounting – available functions (Accounting window)
– Possibility to issue documents both in a reservation window and Accounting module
– Possibility to add / edit / delete fiscal documents
– Possibility to print the given document
– Possibility to export the .CSV file with a list of documents
– Possibility to create assortment
– Possibility to group assortment
– Possibility to view a list of deleted documents

Accounting – available functions (Document creation window)
– Automated document numeration (manual modification possible)
– Automated date of sale and date of issue (manual modification possible)
– Possibility to assign a new or existing customer to a document
– Possibility to assign a new or previously existing service to a document
– Possibility to group services in accordance to different criteria
– Possibility to delete selected services
– Possibility to modify document due date
– Possibility to choose a payment type (up to two for each document)
– Possibility to choose a currency
– Possibility to select a payment status (Paid / Not Paid)
– Possibility to check the document history
– Possibility to include custom comments on the document

Rate plans – available features (Price setup)
– Creating / modifying / removing rate plans
– Setting a default rate plan (it will be selected by the program in the first place)
– Setting a rate plan validity date
– Setting price periods either by price creator tool or manually
– Setting restrictions, including minimum / maximum stay, Closed to Arrival / Closed to Departure
– Importing price periods from other room types
– Copying prices to following years
– Setting prices for each day individually
– Applying changes to multiple room types at once

Rate plans – remaining features
– Disabling rate plan in the KWHotel Booking Engine
– Disabling rate plan in a reservation screen
– Setting a color of a border that will cover reservation which was created under the given rate plan
– Setting tax value for the given rate plans
– Setting refundable / non refundable status of the given rate plan
– Selecting which meals are used in the given rate plan
– Transferring data between rate plans, including amount and percentage modifications

Rate plans – available fields (Price setup)
– Base price
– Number of persons included in the base price
– Adult price
– Price for the first age group
– Price for the second age group
– Price for the third age group
– Minimum stay
– Maximum stay
– Closed to Arrival
– Closed to Departure
– Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Second lunch, dinner)
– Room type status (Opened, Closed)

Meals – available features (Meal configuration)
– Adding custom meal types (the default ones are Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
– Setting meal serving time
– Setting meal consumption duration time
– Setting meal tax
– Setting meal price
– Setting canteen stock and creating new

Meals – available functions (Meals module)
– Generating meal report for the current day
– Generating meal report for multiple days
– Showing a number of guests
– Printing meal report
– Printing meal summary
– Exporting meal report to Excel

Meals – available fields (Meals report)
– Meal type
– Meal provision time
– Meal quantity
– Room number
– Customer
– Comments
– Reservation ID

Meals – additional features
– Synchronization with POSbistro software

Statistics – available sections
– Charts and graphs
– Rooms
– Statistics overview
– Meals
– Finances of reservations
– Camping
– Shift reports

Statistics – available data (Charts and graphs tab)
– Occupancy breakdown (by selected period, by rooms, by days, by months)
– Occupancy ratio calculator (by number of beds or by reservations)
– Result display toggle (percentage or number of rooms / beds by day / month)
– Graphical representation of occupancy (circular and linear graphs)

Statistics – available functions (Rooms tab)
– Selecting rooms to be displayed in statistics
– Exporting data to Excel
– Printing report
– Toggling display of daily price

Statistics – available data (Rooms tab)
– Reservation ID
– Rooms
– Customer name
– User who created the given reservation
– Reservation source
– Reservation segment
– Reservation channel
– Reservation date
– Reservation price
– Local tax

Statistics – available data (Statistics overview tab)
– Customer visits within the selected period
– Average guests per night
– Average amount of payments per night
– Number of accommodations
– Total cash inflow (per user or including all users)

Available functions (Statistics overview tab)
– Exporting data to .CSV
– Generating a National statistics report

Statistics – available data (Meals tab)
– Meal type
– Meal quantity
– Meal price
– Total amount

Statistics – available data (Finances of reservations tab)
– Document type
– Document value (net, tax, gross)
– Document number
– Document date of issue
– Company Tax ID
– Customer name

Statistics – available functions (Finances of reservations tab)
– Sorting documents by their type (Invoices, bills, pro forma invoices)– Exporting data to Excel

Users – available functions
– Adding / modifying / deleting user accounts
– Creating new roles for users accounts
– Selecting specific privileges for each role
– Configuring settings for apartment owners
– Enabling automated logout in case of user inactivity
– Forcing user to change his password after a set number of days

Users – available data
– User name
– User login
– User password
– User email
– User role
– Hotel assigned to the given user
– Rooms visible by the given user

Reminders – available functions
– Creating reminder for a specific reservation
– Creating other reminders (not associated with reservations)
– Postponing a displayed reminder by a specific amount of time
– Postponing all reminders by a specific amount of time
– Deleting all reminders
– Quick access to reservation associated with the given reminder

Reminders – available data
– Reservation ID
– Reminder date
– Reminder notes

Free updates – channels of update release
– Program website
– Help section in KWHotel software (BETA releases)
– Automated update prompt when closing KWHotel

Free updates – areas covered by updates
– Minor improvements
– Stability enhancements
– New major modules
– User suggestions
– Additional reports

Automated email sending – available functions
– Configuring email client in KWHotel
– Sending email copy to specified addresses
– Enabling encrypted SSL connection
– Enabling encrypted statTLS connection
– Enabling a reminder to send a manual booking confirmation if there are no automated set
– Creating automated booking confirmations, letters of thanks and other documents (using an advanced creator with multiple features and email sending criteria)

Automated report sending – available functions
– Selecting a report template
– Setting a report type (daily, weekly, monthly)
– Setting a report start date
– Setting a report sending frequency (i.e. every two days, every three weeks)
– Setting a report range (today, last day, last week, last month, next week, next month)
– Email addresses where the report shall be sent to

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