Sending availability to portals
KWHotel updates availability when actions are performed on the calendar. This includes adding reservations, reallocating them to different room groups, modifications and cancellations.

Sending rates to portals
KWHotel may upload either base price or price per person. Configuration is performed in the “Rate plans” module.

Sending restrictions to portals
Synchronization with KWHotel Channel Manager supports the minimum stay parameter.

Downloading reservations from portals
– Reservations:
KWHotel automatically queries partners for new reservations every 6 minutes. It is also possible to send a manual query.

Newly downloaded reservations can be automatically saved to the first vacant room in the given room group or they can be saved as a resource. When saving as a resource, the downloaded reservations lower availability in the given room group but no specific room is assigned yet. It is required to manually assign a room (i.e. during the check-in process). When the resource reservations option is enabled, KWHotel will automatically attempt to allocate reservations optimally on the calendar. However, the final choice is still left to the User.

Additional features
– Automated handling of cancellations and modifications
– Downloading reservations remarks from OTA.

Synchronization terms:
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