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Dedicated to enhancing hotel management of every facility

Hospitality property management system

Desktop based version of KWHotel with multiple features. Settle reservations, issue invoices, manage pricing policy and much more!

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Hotel reservation calendar – KWHotel Web

Gain access to your hotel anywhere you are. KWHotel Web gives you access to KWHotel desktop through web browser and ensures you are always updated on latest operations.

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Channel manager and OTA integration

Automatically manage availabilities, rates and reservations with YieldPlanet, SiteMinder, WuBook and directly with Booking.com and Expedia. No longer spend time managing each OTA manually.

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Hotel Channel Manager for KWHotel PMS

Maintain multiple OTAs in a single software. KWHotel will take care of distributing the prices, availabilities and reservations for you.

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Custom solutions

Because every business is different

Rental management software for apartments

Manage the rental of apartments efficiently. Use an advanced settlement configuration and provide owners with an insight into the occupancy and revenue of their apartments.

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Hostel management software

KWHotel is not just a software for hotels. Its flexibility also allows an effective management of a hostel. It makes no difference whether you rent beds only or provide a mixed rental - our program is ready for it.

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Campground management software

With the Camping module, you can work on a graphical representation of your campsite. This allows to place reservations directly on the image, making it much easier to navigate and manage.

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If your business has higher needs... These modules and synchronizations will further automate your work!



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